WHY you should use a recruiter!

As 2012 comes to an end the recruitment landscape has changed dramatically. Plenty of companies advertise their Digital jobs on LinkedIN, Twitter & a range of other social platforms prior to even using a recruiter. People looking for jobs can within a couple of clicks reach the companies they are interested in working for and register their interest. It is easy to see how people could just bypassing recruiters all together. So should you use a recruiter? Are they still relevant going into 2013?

Well yes recruiters are still relevant, I have to say that because I have a mortgage a wife and young children;-) But I do also mean it and here is why…

When you think of recruiters most think they have jobs I could be interested in, well yes they do but that really is only one part of how a recruiter can and should help you. Moving jobs is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, having a recruiter to help guide and support you can be extremely valuable.  Recruiters should be a partner who is genuinely invested in helping and supporting the candidate.  A good recruiter will provide you with excellent preparation. They can tell you what the person is like who you will be meeting, what their personality is like, what the culture of the company is like. What type of questions they will ask you. It can be something extremely simple. I once told a candidate that the man interviewing him was a new dad and exhausted with getting up in the night. The candidate had been through the same thing a year earlier with his first child. So straight off the bat they had an icebreaker something in common to chat through at 8:30am in the morning in a coffee shop. Things like that cannot be underestimated. An interview is geared around your skillset, but equally around building rapport with the person interviewing you. Maximising your value without jeopardising the opportunity can be notoriously difficult, having a seasoned recruiter negotiate your salary package can be of huge value and often lead to a higher salary. Even once you have the job a recruiter can help. You will need to hand in your notice, if you have never done this before it can be quite daunting, and often your current company will fight to keep you. Having someone explain the whole process can be very beneficial.

So if you do agree with me that working with a recruiter is a good idea ensure you get the basics right. Take time working out who is the best recruiters for you and only work with the ones who can add significant value to you. Don’t give them your CV until you are comfortable and ensure they provide you with written confirmation that they will not send your CV to anyone without your permission. Giving a recruiter your CV without checking them out is the social equivalent of leaving your car keys on the bar. Recruiters can and do add value, you just need to find the good ones and plenty of good ones are out there…

If you would like to find out more ways a recruiter adds value to your job search contact me on simon@digital-minds.co.uk we only work in digital. PPC Jobs, SEO jobs, Digital Planning & buying Jobs, Social Media jobs, Mobile jobs, Business Development jobs, Affiliate jobs etc.  We are always available for a chat; you do not need to be even looking for a job. Always happy to help!

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