What your recruiter should be doing for you (part 1)

Here are several things a good recruiter  should and will do for you, far too many recruiters cut corners and operate as basically a CV shop and do not influence the process or provide you with an edge when competing against other candidates.

A good recruiter will sell / promote you to clients over the phone or face to face. They will not just send your CV and hope a client will want to see you. If it was just about sending a CV why not send it yourself and quite frankly the less people who have your CV the better. We feel it’s always best to have a confidential conversation with companies you are interested in, discussing your skill set and ensuring a genuine interest exists prior to sending a CV.

A good recruiter will give you a good overview of the person you     meet at interview, what are they like, what are their interested, interview style, hints and tips on how to get the most out of the meeting. Too many recruiters send you a confirmation email with a map and leave it at that. Demand more!

A good recruiter will get you feedback. A lot of clients are difficult to get feedback from, specifically when it is for candidates who have been unsuccessful. However this feedback is the most important as it will help you do better next time and provide you with a clear understanding of what went wrong. So much can be gleamed from this. Too many recruiters don’t chase feedback. Sometimes you will never get it, but more effort needs to be given by a lot of recruiters.

A good recruiter will negotiate salary for you. Too many recruiters simply get an offer from a client and give it to the candidate. A good recruiter will get you the best salary possible without jeopardising the opportunity. It’s important to get that extra money as it can make a great difference to a candidate and in a candidate driven market like digital you often have a lot of negotiating room. Make sure your recruiter can influence!

A good recruiter will provide you with a long-term strategy to securing a new role. Too many recruiters are driven by hitting targets and earning quick commission. It’s a massive issue with the industry; most of it is driven by quick profit. It’s your life and career. Good recruiters will work with you long term; they will not be pushy sales people who pressure you. They will give you transparent advice and support you, the decision is then yours to make.

These are just some of the things we do at Digital Minds that we feel add value to the recruitment process. For more information on our jobs and how we can help please contact me on simon@digital-minds.co.uk you don’t need to be looking for a new role, if you just want help and advice on things such as your salary, salary reviews always happy to help. We also have two great reward / referrals schemes available. If you refer someone to us and they successfully get a new job via Digital Minds we will gift you a minimum of £500 and up to £2000 depending on the seniority of the candidate. We also have a unique direct reward scheme. If you work with us exclusively for two weeks to secure you a new role and we are successful we will gift you £500 minimum up to £1500 depending on salary. No body else offers this so always worth coming to Digital Mind first!

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