What candidates don’t know about Recruitment agencies until its too late. Part 2

In an earlier post I wrote about Recruitment agencies, and some of the things that they get up to which isnt commonly known to candidates, and how it can affect them.  Now if I’m honest, I feel so passionately about some of the underhanded & old school techniques that a lot of recruitment agencies use that I could probably write one post a day as there are so many.

This time I’m going to write about something that I commonly come across, and in fact its just happened to one of my candidates.  Lack of feedback from an agency.  This candidate was informed by an agency after her second interview with a client that she should expect an offer very soon.  The candidate hasn’t heard from the agency all week since this last conversation.  She has tried to phone the agent, however she hasn’t managed to get hold of them, and they haven’t returned her call.  This is shocking behaviour.  All it would take is a two minute conversation to advise that they hadnt heard anything back or that the client wasnt interested, or the budget had been pulled.  Instead they avoid the candidate.  Unprofessional!

Its like some agencies dont understand that they’re playing with peoples careers.  This candidate could have turned down all other opportunities as she was expecting an offer.  There could also be a situation where someone contacts her about a new role, however she turns it down as there is no point if she is expecting to already have a new role.

This is frankly shocking behaviour, and I cant condone it in any way.  I will admit that the thing I hate the most about working in recruitment is giving my candidates the news that they were unsuccessful.  I do however try to do this as quickly as possible as I dont want them to miss out on other opportunities.

I feel that a lot of recruitment agencies are so blinkered on making a placement & making money that they miss out on the long term picture, and this is something I & Digital Minds thrives on.  Treat everyone with the same level of respect as more than likely a candidate will become a client one day, and you’ll be more successful if you have a good reputation.

So agencies out there, if you want to be successful start treating your candidates with respect and it’ll work out better for you in the long run.  What goes around, comes around.

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