Unusual Marketing Campaign for a Football club

Listening to Talksport yesterday in the office (we’re nearly all football fans), and one of the topics they talked about was Getafe’s latest Marketing campaign to gain more Season ticket holders.

Now for those of you that aren’t aware of who Getafe are, they’re a Spanish football team from Madrid. The problem Getafe have is that they’re the 3rd biggest team in Madrid after Real Madrid (85,000 season ticket holders), Atletico Madrid (42,000 season ticket holders) and then Getafe (9000 season ticket holders).

This latest campaign from Getafe involves getting their current season ticket holders to donate sperm in the hope that they will create a new batch of Getafe season ticket holders. On first reflection this campaign seems completely and utterly ridiculous, and quite risqué and controversial. However, if you think about it, it works.

Getting their fans to donate sperm to generate future fans is never going to work, as we all remember when growing up, most kids will support the team that is doing the best. So this campaign would more likely generate fans for the two teams ahead of Getafe. So this isn’t a viable solution. However I feel this wasnt the outcome they were after.

Where this campaign works, is by making people talk about the campaign and hence growing the brand. In coming across as a future plan, they’re getting an immediate impact.

A club like Getafe would not usually get much of a mention, apart from when looking at the latest Spanish football league results. However they’re now getting mentioned on a sports radio station in the UK, about their ludicrous marketing campaign.

Its not ludicrous, its working. Getting people talking about your brand is surely what marketing is all about.

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