UK: Why should you consider Hiring European Candidates in 2016

The New year is getting close and we are all starting to set our resolutions for 2016. As an employer, you may be putting a new staffing plan together; as an European candidate you may be considering to get a new job and if you can speak English comfortably – you are reading this so I take it as you do -. I know there is a long list of things you should both consider before starting your job/candidate hunt, but what about this one:

Finding a new Digital Marketing job in the UK or finding European candidates to work for your UK office. This may not sound like a Novelty but let me explain some of the benefits you may have not considered so far:

As an employer you may benefit from the following:

  • European candidates don’t need any visas so there is no paperwork needed.
  • Their notice period tends to be from 2 up to 4 weeks, which in some cases is more than two months shorter than UK’s candidates.
  • Their commitment is higher due to the risks involved, therefore they wouldn’t consider a counter offer (as that would mean not achieving the international experience) and as they are looking for career development, they are not going to hand their notice in any time soon just to get a pay rise.
  • Just because they want to prove themselves to be as good as any other UK employee and the commitment involved, they are loyal and work hard -when you are away from home you don’t take that many risks.
  • They are not as well connected within the UK market/recruiters so your competitors may not be interviewing them yet. That means that if you offer them a competitive position and salary conditions they are going to accept it with no hesitation.
  • Their salary expectations offer exceptional value for money and are usually lower than their UK counter parts. They will ask for a reasonable salary based on their Technical and Language skills, you may be able to get a super star – which will need a month or less to get up to speed with the market, Tech and language- for a great deal of money.
  • And of course, apart from speaking English, the candidates will at least speak another European language, which will help you with your international clients and future business expansions.

As a potential candidate, you may want to consider the following:

  • UK, and specially London, is the Digital Hub for Europe. You will learn how to use the newest Technology and be up to date on the latest Digital trends.
  • The salaries are high – and depending on which country you are coming from, the salary will be higher- and as long as you work hard and hit your targets, you will receive pay rises periodically.
  • Your talent will be valued, by your manager, your company and the competitors. You will have a Personal Development Plan that will help you strengthen your weaknesses and fast track your career progression.
  • You will work with international teams and clients, getting exposure to other Online channels and huge budgets.
  • Despite the usual Healthcare and Death insurance, Pension plan or 25 days holiday allowance, the company benefits are way better: your Birthday off, free fruit, free breakfast, free beer after 5.30pm, Team days out or Sabbaticals after a few years within the company.
  • Your social life will dramatically improve. Not only because of making new friends in a new city with plenty of things to do and places to visit, you will find yourself going out for beers with your work colleagues (who will soon become friends), house parties, Carnivals, German Markets, Music festivals and much more. English people are such a good fun!
  • You will only be around 2 – 3 hours flight away from home.

For more information on International Digital Jobs, if you would like some Free Professional Career Advice or would like to hear more about our Recruitment Services, feel free to drop me a line.

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