The Importance of your social profile

Ok this is the first blog I have ever written, I hope it flows well for you all, I plan on writing a few more over the coming weeks. For those who don’t know me I am a miserable man who moans at everything, I’m Karl Pilkington with more hair! This is my way of venting my frustrations

My first moan will be about social media profiles.  As a recruitment consultant I speak with many people looking for their next career step and as a rule all I speak with are nice, they take their careers seriously and it’s a pleasure working with them. Some though stand out for good aspects and others for bad ones… Let me explain.

When you apply for a job, the employer won’t just look at your CV, they also view LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and even peek at your Facebook page!

I understand these are your personal pages but remain aware social media has compromised privacy for everyone. I won’t mention any names here but recently I was working with a well-established name within the digital industry and after a conversation we decided on a company they felt was a good step and the right opportunity they had been searching for. Naturally they got an interview, but 2 days later my client cancelled… Can you guess why? The candidate was tweeting explicit things to their friends and bad mouthing people in the industry. Plus their Facebook cover photo was a topless woman!

Harmless banter to one audience is career suicide to another. It created such a bad impression that my client felt they wouldn’t be a good culture fit for their growing business and cancelled the interview. It just proves how important our social profiles are and the impression they give. The key is to ensure your privacy settings are set and that you are mindful of what you say and do on open social forums.

If you want to create a good impression, I suggest the following:

LinkedIn – Fill in all sections with as much detail as you can, go into detail about what you currently do, mention special achievements and don’t be afraid to promote yourself and what you have accomplished in your career. Also make sure your LinkedIN page is a mirror image of your CV!

Twitter – Tweet about personal things by all means as prospective employers will like to see you have a personality, but avoid anything too risky. Whatever industry you are in try and retweet some relevant news, get involved in discussion and interact with your peers. You will get yourself noticed.

Google + – A powerful social platform so I would take the same approach as Twitter and keep it informative and entertaining.

Pinterest – I love Pinterest because it lets you show your interests and passions in a unique way. With this all I can say is let your personality come across via the pictures you put on…

Facebook – Stick all your insults, compromising pictures of you drunk throwing up in a bin, insults about your company etc on here but for the love of god change your privacy settings!

If you need any advice please get in touch, especially the getting drunk and throwing up in a bin, I am somewhat of an expert.

I hope my blog has been useful and you enjoyed reading it. There will be another coming soon

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Chris Boyce-

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