So should you use a Recruiter?

So why use a recruiter anymore?
Well there are many reasons to use a good recruiter; you just might not have experienced them…
Putting a candidate and a client in a room is one part of the recruitment cycle; it is not the whole process. Below are some of the things a good recruiter will do:
PREPARATION: A good recruiter will give you a good overview of who you are meeting, what are they like, what type of questions will they ask, what you have in common with them, background information on the business  and the interviewer. They will give you a clear edge over candidates who have applieddirectly by providing a wealth of preparation that will enable you to maximize your chances of success.

NEGOTIATION: A good recruiter will maximize your salary package without jepodising the opportunity. A good recruiter will often negotiate a more lucrative package than you would be offered directly.

INTERVIEWING: A good recruiter will help you to interview. Interviewing is not a natural thing to do, I have seen amazing candidates fall apart at interview, unable to articulate or demonstrate passion and enthusiasm. Role playing interview questions, having a sounding board to help you prepare for an interview can make all the difference. If you are a strong technical candidate but struggle at actually interviewing you need someone to tell you and more importantly help you! Otherwise you will keep missing out, often to slick talkers who are technically inferior.
WORKING FOR YOU: In house recruiters are often very good. However they unquestionably work for their company first and foremost – not you. A good recruiter is in your corner, is tied to your success and will go the extra mile to provide you a better platform to be successful.

Moving jobs is one of the biggest decisions you will ever take. It can be stressful, exciting and a host of other emotions, having a credible recruiter by your side to help you navigate through the process is a significant advantage. The key here is good recruiter. Average recruiters will send you a map and a LinkedIN profile of the interviewer prior to your interview and that will be it. But a good recruiter will provide a wealth of preparation, negotiate your contract and ensure you have an advantage over other candidates. The war for talent is fierce having someone on your side throughout can make all the difference.

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