SEO SALARY SURVEY 2011 (So far…)

Yesterday I blogged about how PPC salaries have increased so far this year. Today I have detailed SEO salaries, SEO salaries tell a different story, and we have still seen an increase across the board but nothing near the levels of PPC. I suppose any increase coming out of a recession is a big positive. Is SEO the underappreciated sibling to PPC? Either way here are the results…Exec level SEO up 8%Account Mgr SEO up 4%AD SEO up 3%Other SEO up 3%I will be blogging regards Display / Social etc. salaries later this week. Meantime if you would like to discuss our salary surveys, what you are paid how it compares give me a shout anytime.Digital Minds have numerous Digital Jobs available. If you are interested in a PPC job in London, SEO job in London, Digital Planner Job in London, Social Media job in London. Or a job in another Digital discipline contact me.

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