Welcome to our new website!

We are very pleased to present our recently refreshed website. About 6 months ago we decided we wanted to create a site that reflects what we are about and where we are going. This new redesign is a realisation of that initial thinking, with a view to representing our current business objectives and focus for the future.

We did not want to create the usual recruitment site – hands up how many have seen static, boring recruitment sites showing pictures of men in suits shaking hands and looking serious? Those sites are often as generic as the recruiters that own them. So we were trying to do something different which hopefully you like. I’m sure our efforts will receive some feedback, both positive and negative but that’s the point, so please feel free to let us know what you do and don’t like so we can improve the site. The website is a work in progress so we will be adding several new features in the coming months, including an instant messenger function so you can speak with us via the website and hopefully a Skype function for video interviews.

If you are looking for PPC jobs, Seo Jobs, SEM jobs, Search jobs, Social Media Jobs, Display jobs, Digital Planning & Buying jobs, Mobile Jobs, Web Development Jobs or Senior Digital jobs just give us a shout. We have offices in London & Leeds and Digital is all we do!

We will update our blog page with a new discussions about the world of digital recruitment that will hopefully help our candidates and clients. Or on a topic that has taken our interest. So that’s it for now hope you enjoy our new site and we look forward to your feedback.

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