Recruiters- we’ve ruined LinkedIn, sorry.

Not so long ago LinkedIn was a nice professional network, great for catching up on old work mates and a source for professional introduction. The discussion areas were good, and the sharing of information, expertise and advice was fruitful.

I use LinkedIn a lot. I like the essence of LinkedIn a lot. People only criticise the brands they in some way care about and want to improve, their site is improving well from a user-experience perspective off the back of the increased income. But it’s changed.

As a digital professional what do you think of LinkedIn? Do you feel it empowers you? You know that your skill-set is in demand in what is a candidate driven market, it allows you to identify which companies are hiring and what for at any given time. On the other hand do you see it as a nuisance? Inundated with invites, messages or In Mails from a recruiter asking if you’d be interested in a move, when 9 times out of 10, it’s a ‘spammy’ kind of mass messages that is completely irrelevant for you. You only have to say “No” if you don’t want another job, It’s when you have 10 messages a day that are ill-conceived, that the ‘flattery’ becomes an irritation.

In my opinion candidates are now numb to recruiters due the amount of approaches they get. As mentioned, LinkedIn is great but its effectiveness is waning. I firmly believe the present & future of recruitment lies with added value services, not the ability to source candidates as the likes of LinkedIN does that for you, anyone can do that. My view is that hopefully very soon candidates will be expecting more from recruiters. A recruiter can give you an edge in an interview, get the right one and they can negotiate a better salary for you than you can yourself. They will also be an invaluable support during the interview process. This is how recruiters need to be judged. Did they give you an instrumental piece of interview advice that allowed you to perform better at interview? Did they negotiate £1000 more on salary for you than a standard recruiter? Did they provide help with your interview technique?

Even if somebody is looking for something new, it’s now more a case of fastest finger first, or ‘hitting them at the right time’. Better to build a rapport over time with a recruiter, even if you aren’t looking. They can get to know you better and you them, they can get to grips with what you would ideally look for when you do decide to seek pastures new. Over 75% of our candidates are not even looking for a new role but we maintain a dialogue and provide helpful info – such as salary surveys – that allow us to assist you in your long term career management, whether you’re looking to change companies or are happy staying put. Doing it this way will ensure you be represented properly, ultimately giving you a better chance of landing your next job with as little fuss as possible.
Finding a new job is one of the biggest things you will ever do; you spend a lot of time at work so it makes sense that the people you have working on your behalf to find you a new role are actually good at what they do!

• Most recruiters are sales people who earn a large percentage of their salary from commission. Commission is usually only paid when they place a candidate into a new job, so how can they be objective? All they want to do is place you in a job, not necessarily a job that’s right for you.
• Many recruiters send your CV, without your permission, to as many clients as they can in order to drum up some activity and interviews. In a small world like Digital, how many people do you want to have a copy of your CV?
• Recruiters are often not specialists in what you do – they are generalists and don’t really understand the nuances of your industry. And if they don’t know your sector how can they effectively promote you?
• Recruiters are often heavily targeted on getting interviews. They are under pressure, operating in a sales driven environment. If someone is under pressure to hit a target how can they work with you with a long term perspective?

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