PPC Salary survey update

I have worked in recruitment for over 10 years and I have never seen anything like the recent recession. Everyone knows someone who has been touch by it, but based on our salary figures for the past 6 months someone must have bubble-wrapped the PPC market because it is not only still intact, it’s an area that has continued to grow and more importantly salaries are still on the rise. Most people working in PPC know more jobs exist than candidate’s, which certainly allowed many talented search marketers to negotiate a good salary during 2011. Remember these figures are for for 6 months not 12 months!

Exec level PPC salary up 11%

Account Mgr PPC salary up 5%

AD PPC salary up 4%

PPC Other up 5%

I will be blogging regards SEO / Display / Social etc. salaries later this week. Meantime if you would like to discuss our PPC salary survey, what you are paid and how it compares give me a shout anytime. Or if you would like to know more about the PPC jobs, SEO jobs, Digital Planner Buyer jobs, Social Media Jobs, Affiliate Jobs, Mobile Jobs etc we are recruiting for, contact me on simon@digital-minds.co.uk

Simon Halkyard

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