Is Spain’s Digital Labour market finally recovering?

People very often complain on how bad the economic situation is and how small the job market is in Spain at the moment. I know it is not the best time for finding a job, but it is much better than when the economic crisis hit Europe for the first time.

I know some employers in Spain are set on the traditional thoughts of “ if you don’t want this job somebody else will do it for less money” or “let’s hire a trainee to do a job that should be done by a senior employee” but this is not an excuse for a candidate not taking the process seriously or not investing much effort on it. Some of this old style employers are already finding difficult to get the right people on board with such limited budgets on offer, slowly highlighting the need of change and the only way to speed the process is for employees and candidates to set new ways, ideas and expectations.

There always is a few challenges candidates need to overcome when looking for a new job: the main one is the amount of candidates applying for the same job: It is a difficult and sometimes scary process so they should put a plan of action together, they need to find out what the best channels for looking for jobs are and the best way to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Talent acquisition specialists receive hundreds of profiles a day, some of them – I can tell you that from my own experience- don’t even have the right set skills nor the years of experience required for the position by far, so candidates shouldn’t waste their present or future chances to join a company by applying to roles they are not ready or suitable for.

This is one of the main issues I find nowadays in Spain, people lay back and expect to secure a job by just clicking the “send” button on a website where they have only uploaded a basic CV, not even personalising it or adding and appropriate cover letters, and then they blame the economic situation. As an employer, why would you invest time on a candidate who hasn’t bothered investing 10 minutes on you?

Overall, I think it is a good time for young professionals to start their careers and for experienced ones to progress. I would advise graduates not to focus on salary at the beginning as long as the skills they learn are useful on the long run; apply for traineeships and internships for market leader companies! For senior professionals, I would advise not to rush job moves, it is always better to wait for the right opportunity rather than turning into a job hopper!

And in regards of the main question in this post I can tell you from my own experience and the experience from other colleagues in the Spanish Digital market, that the job situation is slowly improving, there is definitely more activity and demand from employers as they increase budgets and get new clients on board; and employees are not scared of changing jobs anymore as they realise they are worth more and they can get more resources, progression and recognition somewhere else. So watch out conservative employers, the new generation of employees is going to change the rules in the recruitment game!

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