How Social Media Is Changing Recruitment

Social Media is an ever changing and revolutionary tool which is altering the way we work, live and think.  It is a defining factor in various industries, none more so than in Digital Recruitment.

Its effects are making the recruitment process more transparent than ever before, on both sides of the fence-candidates & recruiters. It requires candidates to much more honest with regards to their skills and background- platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and twitter among others is leaving candidates exposed. For example, if you were to exaggerate roles and responsibilities on LinkedIn or a portraying true personality through Facebook or twitter then this could have a detrimental effect to your chances on securing your dream position.

Today’s various social platforms is also forcing professionals in the recruitment industry to rethink how they go about their day to day business. Candidates now have access to the information that recruiters once safeguarded so carefully. A candidate can simply go on LinkedIn, promote themselves effectively and find profiles of the businesses they want to work for and find details of the decision makers within those businesses. Clients can now easily search for candidates that would be relevant for jobs within their business.

How we at Digital Minds operate differently giving you the edge.

‘Fish where fish are’-At Digital Minds we only deal within digital opportunities. Therefore we try as much as much as possible to use Social Media as leverage, to understand our candidates & clients to build a strong rapport.(Please see how you can access our social platforms at the end of this blog post).

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’- With every single candidate we deal with we will prepare and brief to the best of our knowledge.  We recognize and appreciate that interviewing is not a natural situation to be in. We often find the most talented candidate does not get the job because they did not articulate themselves well enough during the interview. This is very common at all levels of seniority. Therefore, we will frequently role play interviews with candidates. You can rely on us to know our clients very well; we pride ourselves on gauging what will be asked of you during interview. We know the varying styles of interviewers and what they look for in a candidate.

We aim to add value and build long term relationships with our candidates. A lot of the candidates we deal with aren’t actively looking for a new opportunity. At this point a lot of recruiters will either be really pushy with you, or, you won’t hear from them again.  At Digital Minds we would see this opportunity to get to know you, therefore when a candidate does choose to review their options we are best placed to know what they want.  We do this by engaging with them using digital channels like twitter for example, discovering mutual hobbies or interests.


How much do you think Social platforms have evolved over the past few years, has it changed all that much? Has it just expanded individuals reach globally and being able to connect with anyone, anywhere at any time? We want to hear from you!

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