Cash incentives for candidate’s a new twist on the reward scheme

Digital is probably the best example at the moment of a candidate driven industry. What I mean by that is there are far more jobs available than good candidates and consequently candidates often have plenty of choice and salaries that far exceed the norm. As a recruiter my key function is to source talent and that is getting harder and harder to do. Like a lot of recruiters we have a referral scheme which is successful and has been in place for a long time. Basically if you refer someone you know who is looking for a new role in digital and we place them in a new job we will give you a cash sum from £250 to £1500 and in some cases an iPad2. It works well and we are continuing with it. However we are always trying to think of innovative ways of promoting Digital Minds and we have come up with a new incentive, not especially innovative but hopefully welcomed– this time aimed directly at candidates.

From now on if you register with us by either ‘Liking’ our Facebook page, or by ‘Following’ Digital Minds on Linkedin & give us one week exclusivity to represent you and show you what we can do we will give you up to £1500  (depending on level of seniority) when we place you in a job. No catch – if we place you in a job we will happily give you the reward fee rather than to someone who recommends you. This can appear a brash way of attracting candidates and I guess it is. But ultimately we have a reward scheme for referrals so why not for direct applicants as well? The aim of this is to do our job the right way; one week’s exclusivity allows us to work closely with candidates and not rush or be compromised because we are one of several recruiters working with them. So that is the new incentive at Digital Minds. From now on give us a week to prove ourselves and if we do and we place you in a job, not only will you get a great new role but also a nice sum of cash from us as a thank you. Very interested to hear your thoughts on this approach.

If you are looking for a new job in PPC, SEO, SEM, Social, Display, Digital Planning & Buying, Mobile, Affiliates, Web Development front end and back end we can certainly help. My LinkedIn profile gives a good overview of Digital Minds and me personally. It also has recommendations on the page which cover how I operate and work with people.

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