Are you using the right recruiter?

Digital Minds work differently to many recruiters. Now I know everyone says this but we really are! And here’s why…

People often work with recruiters without actually getting to know them or even doing a few basic checks. Finding a new job is one of the biggest things you will ever do; you spend a lot of time at work so it makes sense that the people you have working on your behalf to find you a new role are actually good at what they do! So what makes us the sort of recruitment company you can trust to take on this important job for you? Well here are some basic facts you should know:

  • Most recruiters are sales people who earn a large percentage of their salary from commission. Commission is usually only paid when they place a candidate into a new job, so how can they be objective? All they want to do is place you in a job, not necessarily a job that’s right for you.
  • Many recruiters send your CV, without your permission, to as many clients as they can in order to drum up some activity and interviews. In a small world like Digital, how many people do you want to have a copy of your CV?
  • Recruiters are often not specialists in what you do – they are generalists and don’t really understand the nuances of your industry. And if they don’t know your sector how can they effectively promote you?
  • Recruiters are often heavily targeted on getting interviews. They are under pressure, operating in a sales driven environment. If someone is under pressure to hit a target how can they work with you with a long term perspective?

And so the list goes on…

These are just some of the reasons why we set up Digital Minds. We do not earn commission on placements – we are rewarded if you stay with a company for a sustained amount of time and if and when you are promoted. Ultimately we are salaried and we do not work to sales targets. We have developed an environment that is focused on long term growth. Over 75% of our candidates are not even looking for a new role but we maintain a dialogue and provide helpful info – such as salary surveys – that allow us to assist you in your long term career management, whether you’re looking to change companies or are happy staying put.

Our goal is to become your career partner so that if you do look at some stage you will work with us to help you make your next move. The entire team has worked in Digital recruitment for over 5 years and we only operate in Digital. SEO, PPC, SOCIAL, DISPLAY, MOBILE, AFFILIATES, CREATIVE and DIGITAL COMMS PLANNING, these are our markets and we know them inside out.

Regardless of whether you decide to use Digital Minds, our advice is to do your homework on the recruitment company you do use. Find out if they can provide good recommendations; make sure they tell you who they are sending your CV to; make sure they only send it when you have given permission; and interview them! It’s your life – your career – make sure they are worthy of working with you and can explain exactly what they will be doing for you and how they will be promoting you confidentially. There are some good recruiters out there who can add massive value to your search, but it’s also an industry rife with cowboys and people looking to earn money quickly without any interest in what is best for YOU.

If you are looking for PPC jobs, Seo Jobs, SEM jobs, Search jobs, Social Media Jobs, Display jobs, Digital Planning & Buying jobs, Mobile Jobs, Web Development Jobs or Senior Digital jobs just give us a shout. Or If you have any questions about this blog give me a shout.

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