Are Job boards worth the risk for Digital Candidates?

Job Boards – Do Digital Candidates need them?

It always surprised me how quickly and easily people are happy to work with recruitment companies and hand over their CV. When you take into consideration that a career move is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, it’s reasonable to think we would all complete due diligence on the people who we allow to represent us and to a certain extent guide our decisions, but do we?
How do you decide who to use when you work with a recruiter? Well a lot of people go to Job Boards to see who’s advertising on there. This is an obvious route; the sites are heavily advertised and it’s certainly an easy way to meet recruiters. However by putting your CV on a job board you are effectively giving up control of your CV and taking a big leap of faith. First of all, different types of recruiters use jobs boards – the good, bad and ugly. Lots of them will simply download your CV and make a judgment about which companies you might be suitable for and simply find a contact within those businesses and send your CV to them. You will not even know it has happened! Companies receive CVs from recruiters all the time without the recruiter having gained any consent to represent you. Sometimes they get lucky sometimes they don’t. A lot of recruitment companies are generalists not specialists. I once heard of a recruiter sending a PPC Manager CV to a company that made plastics; he/she thought PPC was like PPE, personal protective equipment! I personally see no use in a Digital candidate working with a generalist recruiter – make sure they are Digital focused and know what you do! Otherwise how can they promote you?
The other pitfall to loading your CV onto a job site is that your own company or someone who knows your boss may see your details. In fact anyone who pays the Job board a few hundred pounds a month can see it, download it & send it. I would guard your CV closely and only send it to a recruiter you have ensured is worthy of receiving it. One who has a plan of action as to how they are going to help you. You should know who they are speaking with on your behalf and who they are sending your confidential information to.
So that’s job boards – Digital is a vibrant growth sector and the negatives outweigh the positives of using them in my opinion.
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