Are all recruiters tarnished with the same brush?

It is the beginning of October 2013 and I have been in recruitment for nearly 2 years. Not the seasoned expert a lot claim to be but I have stayed in one sector (Advertising/Marketing Agency & Client Side) and have been lucky enough to experience the workings of two different recruitment agencies.
Throughout my time in this industry I have heard so many horror stories, from people getting a candidate’s CV and firing it out to every company they know even if they haven’t worked with them before without the candidate’s permission, to recruiters being very pushy and making the candidate feel pressured into moving forward with a role. I don’t know when these people lost their morals but this process is one of the biggest decisions of a candidate’s life, so if they aren’t happy with the agency/client/role then don’t force it on them. If they aren’t happy before they accept the position, they will not like the role and in turn probably want to leave very soon, and if they didn’t like the role the recruiter forced on them I doubt they will use that recruiter again. And if they do then they are a lost cause.

The recruitment industry is full of pushy, sales driven managers who are only interested about the next ‘fee’ or ‘unit’, so they force huge targets onto their staff which in turn forces their staff to be pushy and sales driven. “How many CVs have you sent out this week?”, “How many calls have you made today?”, “Who cares if it is below what they are on now, make them accept!” I would hate to work in an environment like this! Targets are part of our industry and I like that, I love hitting and exceeding them but not at the expense of my candidates! Taking the time to talk to people about what they are looking for in detail and then talking them through the roles and companies, only putting them forward to roles they want to be put forward for and always being available on the phone to answer any questions is what gains great relationships. Gaining these great relationships gets you good referrals and as a result of working this way I have grown a great network organically.

This goes for clients as well. Are you a recruiting manager and have experienced that recruiter who won’t stop hassling you? Sending you through the wrong people all the time? Doesn’t understand the personality of your team? I don’t understand why they do it; it isn’t going to get them anywhere apart from putting a sour taste in your mouth! I get on well with the clients I work with, if I’m not sure someone is right I give them a call to express my concerns and get their judgement. Bringing up a potential issue is a lot more respectful than just sending the details over and hoping for an interview. Taking time to understand who the perfect person would be is vital, it gives you clarity to your search and you won’t waste time briefing the wrong candidates on the role.
There will be so many recruiters reading this thinking the same thing, they will also think the way I work is normal practice and it is! It is a shame there are still people out there giving this industry a bad name and if you are a candidate or client reading this, please look out for the bad practices I have outlined when working with someone new.

In summary if you work with a good recruiter they will be an asset to helping you find the perfect person or role, a bad recruiter could potentially harm your business or career.
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