LinkedIN revolutionised recruitment, it opened up the playing field providing every recruiter with a similar database full of millions of candidates. But it also dumbed down recruitment. Now we have numerous recruiters doing little work to target people and who simply send the same message to numerous candidates daily. With so many recruitment companies working the same briefs this often leads to a mentality of speed being king. Now recruitment is about who can message the most candidates the quickest. Candidates are rarely picky about the recruiters they use and think nothing of sending recruiters their CV. So now we have a factory mindset in the industry that rewards speed and the ability to send mass emails to candidates.

I have embraced LinkedIN, it’s a great tool, but already I’m finding candidates are becoming numb to approaches via LinkedIN because they are bombarded by messages from recruiters. I myself contact my network regularly to let them know of the jobs and referral promotions we have, I try to keep it to one message every month to 6 weeks, but its effectiveness is waning. I firmly believe the present & future of recruitment lies with added value services, not the ability to source candidates as the likes of LinkedIN does that for you, anyone can do that. My view is that hopefully very soon candidates will be expecting more from recruiters. A recruiter can give you an edge in an interview, get the right one and they can negotiate a better salary for you than you can yourself. They will also be an invaluable support during the interview process. This is how recruiters need to be judged. Did they give you an invaluable piece of interview advice that allowed you to performer better at interview? Did they negotiate £1000 more on salary for you than a standard recruiter? Did they provide help with your interview technique? Getting a job is a competitive business in digital, having someone help and support you, providing an edge is very much worthwhile. As a client having a recruiter as a supplier who can manage the process smoothly and land you the best people in the industry is still a valuable resource. How many clients at the moment are losing candidate mid recruitment cycle, or at the end of the cycle because the candidates have decided to stay with their current companies? Lots of them and regularly that is because the recruiter is not managing the process correctly.

So I look forward to the day we can make these the priorities of candidates and clients. Not who sends them the most spam emails via LinkedIn  Judge your recruitment partners on added value, not on who messages you the most or quickest. Otherwise we have fast food recruitment, which offers no real benefit other than speed and the ability to send you an email with an interview time and map on it.

At Digital Minds we specialise in PPC jobs, SEO jobs, Display jobs, Social Media jobs, mobile jobs, Affiliate jobs, Digital business development jobs & senior Digital jobs. We also have an industry leading referral scheme that pays up to £2000 for successful referrals. Coupled with a unique direct reward scheme for candidates who work with us exclusively that pays up to £1500 if we successfully place you in a new digital role. We also until the end of the year are giving away numerous Kindle Fire HD’s. Some good perks to working with us – but none more important than the fact we can offer you the added value benefits mentioned in this blog, we might not be the company sending you an email every three days, but we are one of the recruitment companies that can give you an edge in an interview & provide you with support throughout the process.

Simon Halkyard

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