10 awesome questions to ask at a job interview!

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10 Awesome questions to ask at interview!

Regular readers of my blogs will know I am always going on about preparation for interviews and making sure you maximize your opportunity to impress. Here are 10 useful interview questions to ask…

1. Has the company received any major awards or recognition recently?

2. What are the current and long-term goals for the company?

3. What would be expected of me in the first 90 days and my first year?

4. How does this specific position fit into the company’s current and long-term plans?

5. What is the most important responsibility for this position?

6. Was my manager promoted from within the company or was he/she an external hire?

7. What are some characteristics of people that perform well under this manager?

8. Is this a new position?  If not, where did the previous employee in this role go?

9. Have any of the executives at the company worked their way up into their current role from entry level or mid-career positions?

10. Are there any other questions that I can answer for you? Anything from the interview you felt I did not cover in enough detail?

I could put 100 questions on this list but all of the above are useful, sensible questions that will broaden your understanding of the role and provide insight into your suitability for the position.

All I do is recruit in the digital industry and I am always available to digital candidates who want to chat. PPC jobs, SEO jobs, SEM jobs, Display jobs, Digital Planning & Buying jobs, Mobile jobs, Web Development jobs, Social Media Jobs, Affiliate Jobs, Business Development jobs and most other jobs within Digital. However most of the people I speak with are not even looking for a new job they just want more information on the digital recruitment market or how their job balances out against similar digital jobs in other companies. We are different to most recruiters, we don’t earn commission we are not targeted sales people. We simply like to speak with people in the digital industry and hope that by building long term relationships when you are looking for a new role you will remember the help and support we have provided previously. For more information on Digital Minds give me a shout anytime. Simon Halkyard (simon@digital-minds.co.uk)

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